istock_000006063904mediumYou may have heard that organic food is healthier for you and your family as it contains more nutrients and less dangerous chemicals. Perhaps you care about the benefits organic food has on the environment, because organically grown foods don’t add pesticides, fertilizers, and other dangerous chemicals into the environment. Or maybe you’ve found it just tastes better.

Organic produce contains more vitamins and essential nutrients. Tests have shown organic products to have significantly more vitamin, nutrient, and mineral content that promote many aspects of a healthy life from possible cancer prevention to relieving the symptoms of PMS. Eating the recommended daily amounts of organic fruits and vegetables gives you nutrients levels even a multivitamin can’t match. This keeps your system functioning at optimum levels and makes you feel great.

Organically grown plants are grown without using unnatural chemicals so your food has less harmful chemicals. This not only helps protects you from chemicals that can cause cancer, heart disease, and even promote Alzheimer’s; it also helps protect the environment from these chemicals as well. When harmful pollutants are put into the soil, they offset the natural balance. They can also work their way into streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, and underground water supplies; polluting the environment and possibly contaminating drinking water.

Production of organic products also includes a pledge to help conserve valuable natural resources. These producers conserve water by using less irrigation; they conserve soil by taking measures to prevent runoff; they also conserve valuable energy sources by working the land less and selling their food locally. By not using dangerous chemicals and by keeping natural non-farmed areas, organic producers also help to maintain wildlife biodiversity. The main goal of an organic farmer is to grow their crop without taking from the local environment. That way, the land will be available for future generations to farm.

While it may not seem like a lot, each person helps. By buying organic products, and encouraging others to do so as well, you are taking a small dent out of the problems traditional agriculture is causing. You are also helping to send a message to traditional producers that some of their methods are unethical and unacceptable. This makes it beneficial for not only your family, but for other families now and in the future.

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