You know how sometimes after you eat a big meal instead of feeling energized and more pumped up you rather go and take a nap? Food is supposed to give you your daily energy and nutrients so why do you feel tired rather than awake?

Everyone just loves a delicious cooked meal that smells, looks and tastes heavenly. But what many don’t realize is that what they are eating is dead. A result number of studies have shown that vitamins and minerals are lost when something is cooked. Researchers have come to the conclusion that the mineral content in mass cooking was approximately 60-70 percent of the minerals in raw or uncooked foods. For example, vegetables compared to other foods losses a higher amount of vitamins. Depending on what is being cooked, how it’s prepared, the duration and method of cooking all have an influence on the amount of vitamins lost.

If you were to change your habit of eating how much raw food and cooked food should be in your diet? The normal average person eats approximately 75% cooked food and 25% raw food. Well to have that more sustainable raw food diet, just swap the percentages around. It may be a struggle at first because eating in this kind of life style can definitely be a challenge to anyone.

You get the vital living structures of food when you eat raw, and the food itself helps your body to digest it quickly and strip all the nutrients in all the food. Such as that soggy caved in slop that a cooked vegetable can be; which would leave you with few minerals and vitamins overloaded with gases, and your body feels the weight of that.

By eating raw foods and living foods you can be much more energized and ready for the day rather than eating a large meal of cooked and dead foods.