Dr. Robert Young

According to Harvard researchers, probably the most important steps anyone can take to avoid cancer is to consume more deep green-pigmented foods. With cancer rates climbing, researchers noted that such a dietary change must be the first line of defense. At the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Tim Byers has seen how adding green foods to every diet can increase cancer prevention dramatically. Studies at the CDC show that people who eat a high fiber, low fat diet can decrease their risk for colon/rectal cancer by less than 10%.

Additionally, adding five servings of greens to the same low fat, high fiber diet the risk fell by nearly 40%. Other studies show a lack of green vegetables increases breast cancer risk nearly 25%, with skin cancer results being very similar. So not only will green drinks and foods lower your cholesterol and facilitate weight loss, but they help prevent all types of cancer and disease. And again, as we evaluate why this is, we return to the chlorophyll so richly found in our greens drink.

Remember the molecular structure of chlorophyll that we touched discussed above. Chlorophyll’s amazing similarity to hemoglobin is the first clue to it’s potential. Form follows purpose. As chlorophyll performs photosynthesis, it is exposed to hours of ultraviolet and radioactive light. As a byproduct of this, damage is done to the plant¹s nucleic acids causing oxidative stress. In reaction, green plants develop an array of unique bioflavanoids that act as blocking agents or others that act as repairing and suppressing agents. Recent research has shown that those green plant activities can be transferred to the humans who consume them. In fact, scientists have documented green plants effect on cellular rejuvenation and the DNA repair in human cells (Hughes and Letner. “Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin Regeneration,” American Journal of Medical Science, 188, 206 (1936)). One study conducted at UC San Diego showed a component of green leaves from young barley plants promoted the repair of DNA significantly in comparison to the control group. This study on how greens can detoxify and repair cells was conducted by a team led by Dr. Hotta and Dr. Kubuta.


Today 83% of Americans who die suffer from a version of a chronic disease, and with life expectancy at an all time high—which can mean years of suffering—it’s high time for change.

In Roman times the average life span was a mere 22 years old, while today people are reaching ages well into the 100s (Jean Colment of France at 122 years old). With 1.2 million Americans diagnosed with cancer in 2009 alone, an aging baby boomer population is running out of time. Today with the scientific validation of green foods as a disease-fighter, the gray generation is now becoming the green generation.

So we all need to be eating and drinking our greens. And considering the power of greens, don’t you want to get was much as you can? That’s what Dr. Young was thinking when he created this green energy drink.

None of us can easily sit down to a meal and eat 14 pounds of green vegetables, fruits, and grasses. But with one scoop of our alkaline green drink powder, you’ll get the same benefit as consuming those 14 pounds of greens.

So do your body a favor and drink to your health—drink green.