While the weather can be rather unpredictable lately one thing is for sure: hot days are ahead. Your secret weapon to fight dehydration has arrived: Harmless Harvest’s 100% Raw Organic Coconut Water!! Made from hand-picked young green coconuts from Thailand.

Here are some fun facts for drinking coconut water:

  • Naturally full of electrolytes (such as potassium , magnesium, and calcium)
  • An 8 oz. RAW coconut water has the same amount of potassium as a banana!
  • Did you know? Coconut water has the same mineral nutrient balance as the plasma that runs through your veins.
  • Full of natural sugars that give you the energy you need without the artificial sugar high!
  • How is this different from other coconut waters? This coconut water is 100% RAW ¬†without compromising food safety by pressure pasteurization- thousands of pounds of pressure are applied to destroy harmful bacteria while still preserving all of the great nutrients that are vital in hydrating your body!

Come on in and try Harmless Harvest today! If you are lucky you might get a pink one! The pink color comes from naturally occurring antioxidants that make it as good and even better than regular coconut water! Cheers and stay hydrated!