Is there such thing as “Just a little”? In continuing our discussion, many people wonder: will eating “just a little” animal flesh and dairy really be harmful in the long run? According to T. Collin Campbell, Ph.D., author of the book The China Study, “even small intakes of animal foods- meat, eggs, and milk….are associated with significant increases of chronic degenerative diseases.” Dr. Campbell’s research shows a distinct difference in the development of chronic disease between those who eat the most animal-based foods verses those who ate the most plant-based foods. Higher rates of chronic disease such as heart disease, prostate, colon, and breast cancer were found in those who ate more animal-based food products.

So what really is the problem with getting our protein from animal flesh?

The breakdown and digestion of animal flesh requires a great amount of energy. However even after all the work of digestion and breakdown, some animal flesh will remain in the gut where it will decompose and produce acidic poisons that lead to toxic build-up. These acids, which include nitric, sulphuric, uric, phosphoric, and lactic acid, destroy human health and can lead to CANCER!

Other harmful materials found in animal flesh and dairy products include antibiotics, growth hormones, fertilizers, tranquilizers, and other medications that are used in rearing animals for food production. Similar to the idea that what goes up must come down, what goes into an animal will come out, end up on your plate, and end up in your body. Therefore, the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet stands behind the research that shows that an increase in chronic disease risk cannot be avoided when you eat animal flesh and dairy products.

Well, if animal flesh and diary is not a wise option, can you meet your protein needs on a plant based diet? Find out tomorrow!