What is optimal health? Being free of disease, having a long life, having a lot of energy, and being physically fit could all be included as criteria necessary for optimal health. One key ingredient to optimal health is DIET. There is an abundance of conflicting information on what one should and should not eat; however, research highlights a clear path to health, energy, vitality, longevity and fitness.

The pH MIRACLE Lifestyle and Diet combines a green plant-based diet, moderate aerobic exercise, and an alkaline diet as a way to reach optimal health. In fact, “the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet is the first scientifically proven system to reverse heart disease, diabetes, and even cancers.”

In such a diet, which that does NOT include animal flesh or dairy, what about protein? Are you able to meet your protein needs if you are not eating animal protein? Yes! In fact, all the proteins you need (in the amount you need) can be found in a well-planned diet that is rich in green fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and grasses.

What are the benefits of living out this diet? What kind of risks do I face when I choose protein sources that come primarily from meat and dairy?

We will be covering these topics within the next couple of days so STAY TUNED!!!!

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