The Alkaline Cooking Class: Making Nourishing Alkaline Meals a Breeze (Even for the busy family and people who don’t like vegetables!)

In this special online event I will share with you my top strategies and hands-on-tools on how to make living & cooking alkaline SO easy, simple and effective…

So you can integrate nourishing alkaline meals into your life without it taking hours and being hideously hard work!

Click here to register now for free (it will be limited to 100 attendees, first come first served)

/ / / / During the Workshop I Will Be Teaching You: / / / / 

  • The Automatic Menu Plan: how to save HOURS planning and shopping with my simple 3-step strategy
  • How to Get 5 Serves of Greens on Autopilot: smash the five-a-day recommendation by having five serves of GREENS a day, giving you wiggle room with the rest of your diet
  • Discover The Silent Killer: The Most Commonly Consumed, Acidic, Thyroid-Damaging Inflammatory Foods that you’ve been told was HEALTHY & How to Avoid Them
  • Easy Simple Swaps: how to eliminate the seven most acidic, commonly consumed foods with nourishing, delicious alternatives
  • Master the Sweet Tooth Saviour: How to Make Alkaline, Delicious Desserts to Satisfy Even the Sweetest Tooth on Earth
  • The Top 8 Most Easily Added Alkaline Foods: these take no time to add into your existing meals but they will make a world of difference

And a whole lot more!

The workshop is coming up early next week so there’s no time to hang around!

Get yourself registered and I can’t WAIT to meet you on the workshop!


PS this is a totally live and interactive workshop and after the session has finished I’ll be running a live Q&A for all of your questions about getting and living alkaline :-)